Construction Company St Albans

Construction Company, St Albans

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Construction Company St Albans

Our high-quality construction company provides completely bespoke building projects throughout St Albans, offering you peace of mind that you are receiving the very best service available.

No matter how big or how small your building plans are, we intend to fully deliver a spectacular construction to fit your plans. Our experts will work with you to ensure your construction project is completed quickly and professionally.

We are so far widely recognised in St Albans as a leading construction company. However, it is our plan to become one of the top businesses in the United Kingdom. This is because we are local at heart but national in quality.

Here at Next Generation Construction, we offer a full construction company service, from obtaining planning permission to offering electrical wiring and plumbing maintenance. We also provide high-quality decorating and painting facilities, which we offer experts to handle.

Next Generation is a construction company that has expertise in every department; we work in harmony across the board to ensure we always manage to deliver projects on time and to budget. Whatever your budget is, our construction company can help.

We’ll be able to devise a plan once you have given us an idea of how much you’d ideally like to spend and what needs to be done, offering you a fantastic result across the board. We are a high-end construction company who provide St Albans that local support.

We will work with you throughout the whole process, so you’re sure to be happy with the final product.Construction Company St Albans

Self-Build Services

We offer a unique range of construction services to St Albans, including beautiful self-builds, extensions and property renovations. Our comprehensive service will enable you to find the ideal choice for you.

With self-builds, you can achieve something bespoke that is not yet available on the current market. We offer high-quality construction using the latest design features and technology to guarantee quality is achieved across the board.

We offer ground-source heat pumps and air source heat pumps, providing high thermal-efficiency for your new home. You’ll be able to enjoy a new home that remains warmer and more comfortable throughout the year.

For a cost-effective option on a new property, come to Next Generation Construction for your stunning, bespoke self-build. We are proud to offer a premium service at a highly competitive price for complete satisfaction.

Cost-Effective Extensions

Our extensions are an exceptional way to enhance your home, proving to be a cost-effective alternative to moving home. We offer incredible extension construction using the skills and experience of our architects and builders.

We’ll manage your budget accordingly to provide the much wanted extra space to a homeowner, that will also increase the value of your property. Our extensions are simply stunning to look at, with a range of possibilities to design and tailor them to you.

Whether an additional bedroom, bathroom or office is required, Next Generation will gladly help. In our years of experience, we have handled a comprehensive range of extension.

With extensions, it is important to use the best materials, which complements the brickwork and offers durable performance. Our construction company delivers on every project, every time, so you won’t have to settle for less.

We match the shades of our bricks to the details of your property, ensuring a fabulous extension that blends seamlessly into your home, and offers a cheaper alternative to moving completely.Construction Company Prices, St Albans


Many properties in St Albans have been around for some time, and it would be a shame to lose their heritage presence. Therefore, our construction company are dedicated to spending some time working on old buildings and renovating it into something state-of-the-art.

It is important to take precaution when renovating older properties, as any mistake could prove costly.Next Generation Construction has years of experience and knowledge in renovating buildings. Therefore we make a trustworthy choice for your construction company needs.

Next Generation Construction has years of experience and knowledge in renovating buildings. Therefore we make a trustworthy choice for your construction company needs. We offer outstanding repairs with renovations and a high-quality range of replacements where damage is irreparable.

Our renovation service includes subtle alterations, so whether you need a bigger bedroom or to move a bathroom elsewhere in the house, we make it happen.

Construction Company St Albans Prices

We offer competitive prices at Next Generation on high-quality construction. You can obtain a quote by getting in touch with our construction company today via the contact page. We look forward to hearing how we can help.

New Builds St Albans

Construction, St Albans

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Professional Construction, St Albans

We offer a high quality, comprehensive construction service for all projects throughout the St Albans. We pride ourselves on working to a high quality, professional and efficient standard throughout. We utilise premium materials for any project we undertake, so whether you specify a colour for your new build, or are seeking an extension of your older property, we’ll find the perfect match.

Here in St Albans, we have been operating for an extensive period working on a wide array of construction sites. We pride ourselves on our standards and we never let our customers down. For example, we offer high-quality renovations of period properties, whereby it is imperative to preserve the preexisting features and either repair, or find an excellent match to replace them.

Full-Service Construction in St Albans

Here at Next Generation Construction, we do not specialise in one particular thing, we continuously strive forwards to provide newer and better construction services. We offer a full service, which consists of construction, maintenance, replacements, as well as other services such as plumbing and electrics, or decorating and painting.

It is our aim to complete the whole project ourselves at a cost-effective price. It doesn’t matter how big or small a project is, Next Generation Construction is able to build it. We work with expert designers and architects to construct fabulous new builds, extensions and renovations in St Albans.Construction St Albans

High-Quality Construction Service

Our full team of experts are highly-skilled and trained within their respective fields, offering a high-level of service. There’s no need to shop elsewhere for high-quality construction services because our unique full service incorporates the very best plumbers and electricians in the business.

Throughout the building procedure, you will be taken care of by one of our expert Project Managers, who will inform you of any developments and keep in touch with the frontline too. This means you’ll always be kept in the loop on how your project is coming on. 

Professional Construction Process

Here at NGC, there is a highly-organised structure to building developments in St Albans, starting right at the very beginning from when you first speak with us. We’ll always strive to deliver the very best service possible.

Our team works together to provide a plan that is both timely and to budget. As soon as you’ve told us your building intentions, we get straight to work on resourcing workers and determining a price. Once a deal has been met, our architects will start the process.

When we have received planning permission, which we push to be as quick as possible, we’ll start constructing the new development for you. Within the period from when construction starts to when it is completed, a project manager shall be your point of call to keep you well aware of how the work is coming along.

If you require maintenance services, we will incorporate this into our plan. Everything will be done to an efficient, and professional manner. Decorating and painting will be undertaken once builders have given them the leeway to do so, clearing up their tools once the job is completed.Construction Prices St Albans

Innovative Features

Our construction is carried out using the creative innovation of our expert architects and builders, utilising the very latest technologies such as 3D visualisation software, energy-efficient ground source and air source heat pumps and intelligent lighting systems.

We are an established company of experts in construction, with a wealth of experience handling many kinds of project. We construct beautiful renovations, or even a more simple patio, which allow homes to achieve unbelievable aesthetics across the board.

Cost-Effective Construction

We always aim to help St Alban homeowners and property investors in the area to achieve outstanding projects at minimal cost. We provide new-builds in a cost-effective way, allowing our customers to see their vision come to life without the extortionate price tag.

Our extensions make a cost-effective alternative to investing in new property. Their high-quality, stylish aesthetics come at affordable prices. It’s never been easier to enjoy a premium service in an affordable way than with Next Generation Construction.Construction St Albans

Construction Prices St Albans

For any of our construction services in St Albans area please feel free to get in touch using our online contact page. A member of our professional team will be on hand to help you with any questions you may have regarding our high-quality services.

House Extensions

House Extensions St Albans

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Cost-Effective House Extensions St Albans

Create new space with a house extension in St Albans, the cost-effective alternative to moving home. At Next Generation Construction, house extensions are our speciality, and we offer a range of solutions to create new living space for you to enjoy.

As your family grows, you may find that you are outgrowing your much-loved home. It can put you in a position of needing to move to a new house to create a better living space for your family, which can be costly and time-consuming.

You will spend a fortune on fees and moving costs, as well as endless hours scouring the local area looking for the perfect property which meets your needs and your budget.

Our house extensions in St Albans will help you to have a home that grows with you and meets your every need without all the hassle and expense of moving.

House Extensions – A Precision Service

When you opt for house extensions, you need to employ a construction team capable of working exactly to your plans because these plans will have been drawn up to create the exact space you want.  If it has required planning permission, then the structure should abide by it.

They will ensure that every detail is meticulously followed during the build, resulting in a structure which will meet the standards required by Building Regulations.

Our construction teams pride themselves on the quality of their work, ensuring that using the very latest techniques and the most impressive practical experience, they can give you an extension designed to last.

House Extensions St Albans

Seamless House Extensions in St Albans

Our homes are our sanctuaries and we like them to look as good on the outside as they do on the inside. When we work on house extensions, we do our utmost to blend the new building in with the old.

We will do everything we can to match the shade of brickwork to your existing bricks, creating a seamless build. Where you have rendered, our specialists are skilled in blending in the new finish with the old.

Your house extensions will look as though they are a natural part of your property as if it has always been there. We are committed to offering an outstanding finish, making sure the beauty of your home is upheld.

Home Extensions in St Albans – Our Considerate Approach

When you come home from work, we will be more than likely finishing up for the day too. Before we leave, we will ensure we have left your build site as tidy as possible.

Our construction team are conscientious and highly trained in health and safety, ensuring they do their very best to ensure your build site is kept as safe as possible and that when the builders are not on site, it is left clean and tidy.

Our aim is to keep disruption to a minimum, making your new house extensions fuss-free. We want you to have a joyful experience taking pleasure in the expansion of your home.

House Extensions St Albans

House Extensions – The Finish of Your New Living Space

Our construction services do not only cover the footings and the structure, they also include lighting and electrics installation and heating work. We will also complete your extension by doing the painting and decorating so that when we leave, you can use it straight away.

We want you to have a living space which perfectly meets your needs and suits your purpose. We can help you right to the very last lick of paint on your house extension.

House Extensions Prices in St Albans

Our house extensions are tailored to every St Albans customer and property, meaning there is no “one size fits all” pricing system. We won’t overcharge you for your work just to meet a pre-set figure either.

Our house extensions prices in St Albans are based on the actual extension we create, and our completely tailored to you. Find out more from our friendly team, simply get in touch and see how we can help you.

Loft Conversions

Loft Conversion St Albans

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Loft Conversion St Albans

No matter how large or small your home is, trying to create additional space with a classic extension may not be possible. However, there is always the option of a loft conversion.

A loft conversion is a popular choice for some St Albans homeowners, as they offer the best of both worlds. You get to keep your outside space, and you have the benefit of gaining an additional living area.

Rather than paying out for the fees and expenses that come with moving home, you could create new living space for your current property. It’s more cost effective, but not only that; you will also benefit from staying in the home you love.

At Next Generation Construction, we are loft conversion experts and we can help you make the most of this generally wasted space.

Loft Conversion – With You From the Start

At Next Generation Construction, we have fantastic working relationships with a range of architects and designers. This means you can come to us with your ideas and we will help you realise them.

Whoever you choose to work with to create the plans for your new loft conversion, you’ll be able to create a unique design that meets your every need. You’ll be able to make the most of the space in your loft, giving you an area that is fully functional as well as beautiful.

Your architect will look at the pitch of your roof and the floor plan, helping you to achieve a conversion which gives you all the things you need. Whether storage with a playroom or a bedroom with an ensuite, it can be achieved with a high-quality design.

Loft Conversion St Albans

Expertly Constructed Loft Conversion in St Albans

If you are bringing in a construction team to transform your loft space, installing windows and changing the structure of the area, you need to be confident that they are experts.

We are professionals with years of experience in loft conversion. You can trust Next Generation Construction to meet the highest standards.

Our team will ensure that your new loft conversion is signed off by Building Regulations, meeting and completely surpassing their rigorous standards. You can count on your new loft room being secure and sturdy, expertly constructed by complete professionals.

Finishing Your Loft Conversion in St Albans

Of course, it’s not only the external structure that needs to be created, you also need to have your loft conversion finished on the inside. Next Generation Construction will complete every aspect of your build, right down to the painting and decorating.

We will ensure that the electrics and the plumbing are all up to standards, installing wiring and pipes where needed and then finishing the walls so they are smooth and ready for decoration.

We offer a wide variety of lighting solutions and heating options to create the right ambience for your needs and dreams. Perhaps you are looking for gentle lighting for a relaxing space or bright lighting for a home office where you intend to work at length.

Our team can also complete the decoration for you, finishing the room entirely and making sure it is ready for you to use the instant we leave. Take the stress out of creating the perfect room and leave it all to us!

Loft Conversion St Albans

Conscientious Building Works from Next Generation Construction

By choosing Next Generation Construction to create your loft extension in St Albans, you’ll benefit from a workforce that upholds a stringent commitment to current health and safety standards.

Our team understand that this is your home, and you need to be safe within it. We will strive to keep disruption to the absolute minimum and our highly-trained team will ensure they are conscious of health and safety issues at all times.

When we leave your property, both throughout the build and for the final time, we will ensure that it is left neat and tidy. Your safety is our priority and we will always aim for the very best performance in keeping our working environment as safe and hazard-free as possible.

Loft Conversion Prices in St Albans

Our loft conversion prices in St Albans are incredible, offering a cost effective alternative to gaining additional space in your home.

We will happily discuss your ideas and give you a guide price. Get in touch and see how we can help you maximise your loft’s potential.

Driveway Pavers St Albans

Driveway Pavers, St Albans

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Our driveway pavers are able to enhance your property with a driveway that is sure to be a beautiful addition, based on your specifications. Our team uphold outstanding degrees of professionalism and reliability, ensuring any project carried out is completed in a quick, efficient way that reflects outstanding quality across the board.

You never get a second chance to make a first impression. Family, friends and guests will be dazzled by the slick, stylish designs available with our bespoke driveways. Next Generation Construction driveway pavers offer home enhancements suitable to every property need, meaning no homeowner needs to miss out on high quality home improvements.

Driveway Pavers: Bespoke Design

Our driveway pavers are able to offer a vast variety of designs, styles and materials. The driveways we offer range from traditional stone stretcher bond to popular resin bound gravel. Each material has their own benefits. Our team of driveway pavers work with you to make sure that the right option is best for you, and best for your property.

Like a fingerprint, no two bespoke driveways are the same. Each driveway is personal to each building and the owner. No matter the size, our highly skilled driveway pavers always treat each individual project with the same high standards. This ensures that you are rewarded with a quality, long lasting driveway that you’ll love for a lifetime.

Long gone are boring driveways. The great benefit of bespoke driveways is that they are totally customisable. In the past, design choice would be limited to herring bone or stretcher bond. Today, there is a wealth of options available. The only limits are your imagination. Our team of expert driveway pavers will work with you on the best method of achieving your vision.

After working with our team, our customer has chosen a traditional stretcher bond design. They have chosen simple grey paving blocks, with a border of smaller light coloured blocks. This project seamlessly connects all area of the property around the bends and curves of the driveway, allowing for a new addition to their that secured the perfect fit.

Driveway Pavers St Albans

Driveway Pavers: Driveway Practicality

There are numerous practicalities of bespoke driveways. They accentuate the beautiful aesthetic of the home, whilst being a practical solution to parking. We only work with the best materials that offer real value for money. The bespoke driveways we create stand the test of time, they are durable in all weathers and won’t erode or break easily.

These factors are guaranteed by our team of expert driveway pavers, who strive to uphold exceptional standards of installation and professionalism across the board. This ensures that any driveway we install will prove itself to be a fantastic investment for your home. We will always ensure you are completely satisfied.

Driveway Pavers: Low Maintenance Driveways

Our bespoke driveways are incredibly easy to maintain. You can hire professional teams who will come out and clean your driveway. However, for a more cost effective solution, you can choose to do it yourself. As with all outside paving projects, weeds and grass can grow in-between. With the help of a good weed killer, you can easily keep growth under control.

Our driveway pavers will be able to offer their expert advice on how best to keep your driveway clean and performing to the highest standards. As our driveways are available in a range of materials, different cleaning techniques will be needed to ensure your driveway maintains an ‘as new’ appearance.

Driveway Pavers St Albans

Health and Safety Compliant Driveway Pavers

Our driveway pavers adhere to strict health and safety standards. Our bespoke driveways are also environmentally friendly. All of our driveways comply with the 2008 legislation change. This guarantees peace of mind that your property not only looks beautiful, it’s working hard to protect the environment too.

You can rest assured that all work carried out by our driveway pavers will reflect the high standards we are proud to offer. Not only does this guarantee that your driveway will offer quality and performance across the board, the project will be completed in a quick and efficient way. Secure yourself peace of mind, today.

Driveway Pavers Prices

Our driveway pavers don’t only offer outstanding quality, they are cost effective too. We work with you to create a driveway that meets all of your design and budgeting needs. For a no obligation quote, or to arrange a consultation get in touch today.

Alternatively, you can get in touch with us via this method should you wish to chat to one of our experts. We’ll be more than happy to help you with any questions you may have.

New Build Homes St Albans

New Build Homes, St Albans

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New Build Homes

We specialise in the professional construction of new build homes. We listen to the customers’ specific wants and needs, in order to fulfil their dream home. Sometimes too much choice can be overwhelming, our highly experienced architects and designers offer creative solutions to your exact specifications.

We pride ourselves on offering a service that is reliable, efficient and professional. All new build homes will be constructed to the highest standards, ensuring a property that continues to offer satisfaction over many years. Our new build homes will accurately reflect the vision that you have, making your new house become a home.

New Build Homes – The Ins and Outs

We have the experience, knowledge and guidance to make sure our customers’ personalised new build homes exceed expectations. Working alongside the architects and designers, we have the right tools and experience with Building Control to make your dream a reality, whilst keeping two feet on the ground.

Our certified workforce work in full compliance with all current health and safety standards, utilising an extensive amount of experience to ensure you enjoy a service that is done quickly and to a professional standard. This means you’ll be able to enjoy your new build home in no time at all, making the whole process as stress-free as possible.

new build homes st albansCustomer Service for Our New Build Homes

Every house starts with a single brick. Planning a personalised new build from scratch can be daunting. Next Generation Construction are with you every step of the way. Our expert team will always be on hand to make sure your new build homes project is completed exactly as it should be, offering advice along the way should anything unexpected happen.

Furthermore, by consistently communicating with our customers, we get to know their specific needs and wants in a property. Not only do we build a house, we build a home. We use this experience to pave the way for unbeatable quality, we understand the needs and demands of the new build homes process, meaning we can always accommodate efficiently.

New Build Homes Health and Safety

The number one priority on any build is safety. We strive hard to maintain our exemplary health and safety record. The construction projects strictly adhere to building regulations. We’ve never failed an inspection, which clearly demonstrates our commitment to quality across the board. With Next Generation Construction, you won’t have to settle for less.

We put the upmost care and consideration into the health and safety of every project. This enables customers to feel confident in the knowledge that their personalised new build will stand the test of time. By following proper procedure, you can rest assured that the work we offer will prove to be a wonderful investment for your money and time.New Build Homes St Albans

Personalised and Traditional New Build Homes Designs

A personalised new build is exactly that. Every feature is tailor-made to the customers’ specification. Next Generation Construction uses the latest technology in all new builds. We also use the most energy-efficient equipment on the market, which is installed to the highest standards by our professional team to ensure the highest standards of performance.

Each property is environmentally conscious without sacrificing style. Our architects and designers are highly skilled and can assist you in achieving your personal style. From bespoke traditional staircases to modern state of the art indoor fire features, we’ll work with you to ensure your new build home reflects your personality.

For customers that like quiet nights in front of the telly, we can install a made-to-measure entertainment system, stylishly enhance your viewing experience. We offer a comprehensive range of customisation options, which can combine with our bespoke service to ensure all of our new build homes are built exactly how they are wanted to be.

New Build Homes St AlbansNew Build Home Process

At Next Generation Construction, we specialise in prestigious builds. Our Skilled and talented team treat every project with the same care and attention, meaning that no project is completed to an inferior standard of quality. With Next Generation Construction, it’s never been easier to enjoy the best.

We use a simple six step building process to ensure confidence and clarity throughout the project with both the construction team and the customers. We follow this stringently to guarantee new build homes quality, to ensure that the quality of build we expect from ourselves is completely fulfilled every time.

New Build Prices

Our personalised new build homes offer high-end quality and style without costing the earth. We want our customers to build happy, long lasting memories in their properties.

We ensure sure we always look for the best value of money throughout. This guarantees quality new build homes that will last a lifetime. For a no obligation consultation, contact us today.

Landscaping St Albans

Landscaping, St Albans

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Landscaping in St Albans

The landscaping that Next Generation Construction provide is bespoke to each customer and made to the highest standard. This goes for every aspect of our landscaping service, completed to a price that suits you. We offer a wide selection of landscaping features to give your property a look of grandeur.

We applied our professional landscaping service to the gardens pictured, giving them a modern, sleek appearance. This is just an example of the calibre of work we can carry out for St Albans projects.

Landscaping St Albans

Landscaping in St Albans: Fencing

Our fencing comes in a wide range of beautiful styles. Regardless of the look and style, you are going for we can get it and install it for you, quickly and efficiently. Our fencing is available in feather edge/close board, panel, picket, post and rail, and palisade.

Much like the style, the colours we can paint your fence also comes in a wide variety. This allowed us to create fencing that perfectly fitted the vision of the customer and perfectly fitted the modern design of the garden, which blended seamlessly with the rest of the landscaping design.

Landscaping in St Albans: Patio

The patio we supplied and laid for Brentwood Gardens was entirely the design of the customer. We promised them a patio that suited their lifestyle and one that would blend in perfectly with the rest of the design elements. They had the choice of wooden paved or brick patio. The decision to use paved amplified the whole design giving it a modern look. It truly is a stunning design feature that anyone would be happy to have in their garden.

We also incorporated strategically placed garden lights – this acts as a feature to brighten and accentuate the beautiful garden. This too adds to the stunning modern design of the landscaping. We specialise in offering landscaping services that allow you to get the ideal home improvements for you, reflecting your tastes perfectly.

Landscaping St Albans

Landscaping in St Albans: Water Features

Another striking feature we offer is high-end water features that you can enjoy in the summer. Size is no issue in landscaping as we do offer in-depth consultations before we start designing, meaning that we can find an option that suits you. Therefore, regardless of the building area that you have we are able to make a pool that suits your needs and will still be able to be made to your specification.

The water feature we did for Brentwood gardens is a true reflection of our high-quality work. A water feature if done poorly can look tacky. Nevertheless, thanks to our experience we managed to create one that truly did fit in with the rest of the design. This seamless blending of multiple features is what makes us the best.

Endorsements in Landscaping

Next Generation Construction has been endorsed by Checkatrade, which reflects the level of quality and service we offer. Checkatrade rigorously tests companies before endorsing them, including reference and insurance checks. We currently have a 9.58 rating on Checkatrade.

You can clearly see the desired high level of standards in Brentwood Gardens, from the classy and slim line design to the quality materials. We take our work very seriously.

Landscaping St Albans

Landscaping Prices St Albans

For more information on landscaping, or to get a quote, contact us today and receive competitive renovation prices to suit you. We’ll also answer any questions you may have.

Masonry St Albans

Masonry, St Albans | Fishing Cabin

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Masonry at Lake Side Fishing Cabin

Please note: Next Generation Construction are only responsible for the masonry work for this project, undertaken on the behalf of Chestnut Morgan.

The masonry Next Generation Construction provides is bespoke to each customer and made to the highest standard. This goes for every aspect of our work from masonry done to your specification. This is how we were able to construct such a beautiful piece of masonry for this lakeside fishing cabin.

As a company based in St Albans, we are able to offer outstanding masonry services to the surrounding areas. This includes this charming lakeside fishing cabin that benefited from our expert workmanship.Masonry St Albans

Bespoke Masonry

Our expert stonemasons are fully experienced and qualified, which makes us able to offer bespoke masonry that can be added to any property. Regardless of your needs, our stonemasons will be able to accommodate. This lakeside fishing cabin required a very modern take on a classic look, which is something we could easily offer.

Using our experience, we were able to tailor the masonry to fit the cabin perfectly. It is always a worry when adding masonry to a pre-existing structure which has such character, but thanks to our stonemason’s levels of experience, they were able to create masonry that blended seamlessly into the cabin.

High Standards

All of our masonry is of the highest level due to the level of experience that our stonemasons possess. It is this commitment to excellence and our exceptionally high standards that make us one of the best stonemasons in St Albans. This means that no matter the job, we’ll be able to offer you exceptional quality across the board.

The masonry on the lakeside fishing cabin looks impeccable, and this is not the only aspect that is of such high quality and standards. We know that sustainability is important to you, and that makes it important to us. There would be little point in creating beautiful masonry when it is not going to last – that’s why the the cabin has been enhanced with sturdy and durable materials.Masonry St Albans


Next Generation Construction has been endorsed by Checkatrade, this reflects the level of quality and service we offer. Checkatrade rigorously tests companies before endorsing them including reference and insurance checks. We currently have a 9.58 rating on Checkatrade, again reflecting how professional we are.

This level of service can easily be seen in the cabin. We delivered high-quality, which has been designed specifically for that property. Not only this but the quality of the materials is second to none. We only work with the best so we can offer you the best, with Next Generation Construction you won’t have to settle for less.

Tailored Design

All of our designs we make for you will take into account all of your needs and requirements. Every last detail of our magnificent masonry will be created to fit your specification. This means not only will you have a piece made to the highest standard but will also be unique.

This can clearly be seen in the cabin as each piece of stone is correctly and meticulously thought through. It is these tiny little design aspects that truly make the whole product high quality as it is.


It is because of our stonemason’s commitment to excellence and unique experience that we were able to create perfection with every piece they create. Our stonemasons are able to make your dreams a reality, which is exactly what they did with the fishing cabin. They can do the same for any design such as swimming pool surrounds etc.

Additional Benefits

The quality and service that we put in at this lake side fishing cabin can be seen in all aspects of our work. Our experience in the trade means we can offer you a service very few can. We can meet your specifications perfectly and give you the high-quality finish that you deserve.Masonry St Albans

Masonry Prices St Albans

Our incredible masonry is bespoke to you, meeting your exact specifications. Contact us today to speak to a member of our team, we are more than happy to listen to your thoughts and come up with a design that will meet your needs.



Construction Services in Milton Keynes

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Are you looking for construction services in Milton Keynes, such as patios, loft conversions, driveways or landscaping services? You’ve come to the right place, as here at Next Generation Construction we offer a range of home improvement services to customers throughout Milton Keynes.

Construction Prices in Milton Keynes

Get an online quote today by completing our online contact form. Our helpful advisors will be in touch shortly to assist you with your enquiry.

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