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By 30th March 2017Landscaping St Albans

Landscaping in St Albans

The landscaping that Next Generation Construction provide is bespoke to each customer and made to the highest standard. This goes for every aspect of our landscaping service, completed to a price that suits you. We offer a wide selection of landscaping features to give your property a look of grandeur. We applied our professional landscaping service to the gardens pictured, giving them a modern, sleek appearance. This is just an example of the calibre of work we can carry out for St Albans projects. Landscaping St Albans

Landscaping in St Albans: Fencing

Our fencing comes in a wide range of beautiful styles. Regardless of the look and style, you are going for we can get it and install it for you, quickly and efficiently. Our fencing is available in feather edge/close board, panel, picket, post and rail, and palisade. Much like the style, the colours we can paint your fence also comes in a wide variety. This allowed us to create fencing that perfectly fitted the vision of the customer and perfectly fitted the modern design of the garden, which blended seamlessly with the rest of the landscaping design.

Landscaping in St Albans: Patio

The patio we supplied and laid for Brentwood Gardens was entirely the design of the customer. We promised them a patio that suited their lifestyle and one that would blend in perfectly with the rest of the design elements. They had the choice of wooden paved or brick patio. The decision to use paved amplified the whole design giving it a modern look. It truly is a stunning design feature that anyone would be happy to have in their garden. We also incorporated strategically placed garden lights - this acts as a feature to brighten and accentuate the beautiful garden. This too adds to the stunning modern design of the landscaping. We specialise in offering landscaping services that allow you to get the ideal home improvements for you, reflecting your tastes perfectly. Landscaping St Albans

Landscaping in St Albans: Water Features

Another striking feature we offer is high-end water features that you can enjoy in the summer. Size is no issue in landscaping as we do offer in-depth consultations before we start designing, meaning that we can find an option that suits you. Therefore, regardless of the building area that you have we are able to make a pool that suits your needs and will still be able to be made to your specification. The water feature we did for Brentwood gardens is a true reflection of our high-quality work. A water feature if done poorly can look tacky. Nevertheless, thanks to our experience we managed to create one that truly did fit in with the rest of the design. This seamless blending of multiple features is what makes us the best.

Endorsements in Landscaping

Next Generation Construction has been endorsed by Checkatrade, which reflects the level of quality and service we offer. Checkatrade rigorously tests companies before endorsing them, including reference and insurance checks. We currently have a 9.58 rating on Checkatrade. You can clearly see the desired high level of standards in Brentwood Gardens, from the classy and slim line design to the quality materials. We take our work very seriously.

Landscaping St Albans

Landscaping Prices St Albans

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