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By 28th March 2017Masonry St Albans

Masonry at Lake Side Fishing Cabin

Please note: Next Generation Construction are only responsible for the masonry work for this project, undertaken on the behalf of Chestnut Morgan. The masonry Next Generation Construction provides is bespoke to each customer and made to the highest standard. This goes for every aspect of our work from masonry done to your specification. This is how we were able to construct such a beautiful piece of masonry for this lakeside fishing cabin. As a company based in St Albans, we are able to offer outstanding masonry services to the surrounding areas. This includes this charming lakeside fishing cabin that benefited from our expert workmanship.Masonry St Albans

Bespoke Masonry

Our expert stonemasons are fully experienced and qualified, which makes us able to offer bespoke masonry that can be added to any property. Regardless of your needs, our stonemasons will be able to accommodate. This lakeside fishing cabin required a very modern take on a classic look, which is something we could easily offer. Using our experience, we were able to tailor the masonry to fit the cabin perfectly. It is always a worry when adding masonry to a pre-existing structure which has such character, but thanks to our stonemason’s levels of experience, they were able to create masonry that blended seamlessly into the cabin.

High Standards

All of our masonry is of the highest level due to the level of experience that our stonemasons possess. It is this commitment to excellence and our exceptionally high standards that make us one of the best stonemasons in St Albans. This means that no matter the job, we'll be able to offer you exceptional quality across the board. The masonry on the lakeside fishing cabin looks impeccable, and this is not the only aspect that is of such high quality and standards. We know that sustainability is important to you, and that makes it important to us. There would be little point in creating beautiful masonry when it is not going to last - that’s why the the cabin has been enhanced with sturdy and durable materials.Masonry St Albans


Next Generation Construction has been endorsed by Checkatrade, this reflects the level of quality and service we offer. Checkatrade rigorously tests companies before endorsing them including reference and insurance checks. We currently have a 9.58 rating on Checkatrade, again reflecting how professional we are. This level of service can easily be seen in the cabin. We delivered high-quality, which has been designed specifically for that property. Not only this but the quality of the materials is second to none. We only work with the best so we can offer you the best, with Next Generation Construction you won't have to settle for less.

Tailored Design

All of our designs we make for you will take into account all of your needs and requirements. Every last detail of our magnificent masonry will be created to fit your specification. This means not only will you have a piece made to the highest standard but will also be unique. This can clearly be seen in the cabin as each piece of stone is correctly and meticulously thought through. It is these tiny little design aspects that truly make the whole product high quality as it is.


It is because of our stonemason’s commitment to excellence and unique experience that we were able to create perfection with every piece they create. Our stonemasons are able to make your dreams a reality, which is exactly what they did with the fishing cabin. They can do the same for any design such as swimming pool surrounds etc.

Additional Benefits

The quality and service that we put in at this lake side fishing cabin can be seen in all aspects of our work. Our experience in the trade means we can offer you a service very few can. We can meet your specifications perfectly and give you the high-quality finish that you deserve.Masonry St Albans

Masonry Prices St Albans

Our incredible masonry is bespoke to you, meeting your exact specifications. Contact us today to speak to a member of our team, we are more than happy to listen to your thoughts and come up with a design that will meet your needs.  

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